Cayer Broadcasting Incorporated (2021) provides distribution of content through it’s various platforms.

– Channel One

An internet based TV Station.

And Cayer Broadcasting Channel Two to be found through Roku and distributed to more then 62 million homes across North America

An internet based Radio station available anywhere there is internet access. Accessible on Computers, Tablets, Televisions, and from your cell phone on the HHGRadio App found on the Apple Store or Google Play.

We build customized Apps for your business or communication needs.

This allows you to distribute your content directly to individuals regardless of where they are with a 95% open rate. The highest delivery of any communication tool in existence today.

Advanced security using the Apple Store and Google Play Store protocols. Just minutes to involve your customers or members with your next offer or announcements.

  • Add Social Media Account Management
  • Promotion creation, development, and delivery
  • Targeted customer, viewer, or listener list development “the Greatest Sales Tool of my lifetime.”